Driver offered Policeman alcohol to drink after stopping him for search operation. Mzansi is furious. South Africans are left confused and frustrated after seeing a clip that shows a police man being offered alcohol on the road, after stopping this driver for a search operation.

Driver offered Policeman alcohol to drink after stopping him for search operation. Mzansi is furious - Video

People are not cheerful about what they are experiencing and they want more answers. This is irking and the SAPS needs to conduct a thorough investigation in this matter.

This video has been seen by many people on all social media platforms. People are left with plenty of questions, as they want to have a better understanding of this situation. It is disappointing to see such an incident and people question SAPS a lot. People are taking advantage of the corrupt SAPS members and using it to their advantage. This is solemnly disappointing.

A lot is questionable here. The level of crime in this country is rising sharply everyday. SAPS members are given a tough task to combat this elevated crime in South Africa. It is vexing to see some SAPS members still conducting unlawful actions across the country. This will give criminals the urge and motivation to perpetuate with their unlawful doings. People are not pleased with this. Screenshot cred: Twitter.

Such incident is one of the reasons why people have lost trust in the SAPS. criminals who should be apprehend for their wrong doing, are bribing these officials. They are given various items and money to leave them and continue with their unlawful acts. In this case, a policeman was offered alcohol to drink, after stopping a man for a search operation. This is uncalled for and people are not pleased at all. Screenshot cred: Twitter.

It is clear that this man was stopped for a search operation. Police are given a task to always ensure that drivers are not in possession of alcohol. This is a call that was made by the S.A SAPS minister Bheki Cele. He is not going to be happy after seeing what other SAPS members are doing, instead of confiscating all the alcohols found in vehicles.

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It should be recalled that the South Africa president was forced to put South Africa back to level 3 lock-down during the festive season. This was initiated, to ensure that there is a significant decrease in the Covid-19 confirmed cases and related deaths. Many people are still succumbing to this deadly disease.

When South Africa was put back to level 3 lock-down, there was a banning of alcohol sales. This was done, because people who are drunk are irresponsible on the roads and they cannot comply with the Covid-19 regulations. Many people were not delighted with this call, but it was necessary to save many lives in this country.

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