The video shows a Woolmaras Police officer extremely intoxicated, and he had crashed into the fence of a premises of one of the community members, the man is helped out of the police van since he denied any wrongdoing.Drunk Cop Arrested.

Drunk Cop Arrested - Video

They then show him what he had done, he still denies it, the community members have taken to expose his reckless behavior when our police officers are warning members of the public to not drink and drive, but he is the first culprit.

The officer also had open bottles inside the vehicle, and was evidently drinking in broad daylight. This is not the first incident caught on camera showing one of our officers drunk in the job.

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One community member tries to help him by concealing his liquor but he turns to argue with him, and asks home what he is doing to which he answered I’m trying to help, can’t you see these people will make you lose your job.

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