Duduzane Went To KFC And There Was Chaos. Now, there should be order at restaurants such as KFC, but some might say that what we see in a recent video that made it to the Twitter streets is just not acceptable.

Duduzane Went To KFC And There Was Chaos - Video

It is understandable that businessman Duduzane Zuma has supporters and some people might think that the support has to be out of the workplace.

We had employees at KFC singing for Duduzane as he got inside the restaurant. There was this loud singing in KFC and this was probably really disturbing if there were other customers who were there, what is expected from employees is for them to be considerate of other customers who might have been there.

There is probably no problem with the singing, but it might have been disruptive to some people and that is where the problem might have been. Some people even mentioned that the employees were treating the food outlet as a political ground.

There were some things that were noticed, people even noticed that Duduzane was not wearing a mask when he got into the restaurant.

Now, that might have caused a bit of a stir because people were talking about how things would have been different if it was them who went to KFC and entered without a mask.


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And this is a bit confusing because the employees there did not say anything, instead, that just kept on singing and it was mentioned that everyone who wishes to enter any restaurant in South Africa should wear a mask before they get in.

And it is important that we understand that this should not be downplayed, it does not matter if it has to do with Duduzane. Every South African has an obligation, to keep the next person safe and this includes Duduzane too.

It is not clear what happened to the employees, but there were people who mentioned that they should be fired for what they did.

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