Duduzane Zuma buying food from the streets. Duduzane Zuma is the son of the former president of the republic of South Africa whom he served as the president of nine years, until he was removed from the office and president Ramaphosa takes after him.

Duduzane Zuma buying food from the streets - Pics

Dudezane have been trending on Twitter based on how walks, more especially on how he walked when he was playing the Mali Eningi song of Big Zulu of which it turned into a challenge and South African loved it.

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On the above picture it shows Duduzane Zuma buying food from a woman who sells at the street, he was supporting her and her business of which it’s a good thing to support local business. Duduzane also met some people on the streets and asked to take pictures with him of which he did.

This might have a huge impact on the campaign that he is currently running of wanting to run for presidency in 2022.

Duduzane is also a businessman and he’s mostly based in Dubai.

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