Popular e.tv show, Durban Gen has reached an incredible milestone. The primetime drama, which was launched in October, has gained momentum and managed to reach two-million viewers. Durban Gen hits 2 million viewership milestone

Durban Gen hits 2 million viewership milestone

Our increase in viewership speaks to a powerful combination of credible narrations, exceptional talent, and continuous marketing efforts,” said Helga Palmer, Head of Local Productions, e.tv.

“We are proud of the viewership that Durban Gen has garnered to date. Congratulations to our partners Stained Glass TV and all our favourite Durban Gen stars for the outstanding work and effort put towards delivering a show that continues to make a significant contribution to KZN and the South African entertainment industry as a whole,” she added.

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Durban Gen has also secured a SILVER award at the PROMAX Africa 2020 awards for its compelling Birthmark crafted title sequence.

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