Education may save him: Dr Malinga hints at going back to school for matric. Dr Malinga hints at going back to school for matric. Dr Malinga, who recently made headlines after losing all his fortune to SARS, wishes to return to school.

Education may save him: Dr Malinga hints at going back to school for matric

His decision has left tounges wagging in social media as many thought he was a medical doctor because of his stage name Dr Malinga. Well, it turns out that Dr Malinga is just his stage name, but in real life, he is not a doctor nor highly educated; hence he was to rewrite his matric. Talking to Facebook, he wrote:

Thinking of going back to school as we all know education is important in life.

Well, it’s never too late to go back to school. Dj Oskido is a living testimony. He did not have an education certificate, so he returned to school this year and graduated with a certificate in Business Management.

Educational background of Dr Malinga
Doctor Goodwill Malinga was born in Themba, Hammanskraal, and grew up with his grandmother. Dr Malinga was the eldest in a family of four children. Malinga attended Bokamoso high School in Stinkwater, North of Pretoria. He failed his matric and started hunting for a job to make ends meet.

He is one of the celebrities with a story from rags to riches. While growing up, the notion of being rich and famous was far-fetched for him, but he made it to the top due to hard work. Malinga came from a poverty-stricken house, but he did not let that determine his future. He would do odd jobs to make a living and look after his grandmother and siblings.

Goodwill’s first job was of handling pamphlets for a furniture shop. One day he noticed a lady handling pamphlets while singing, and he admired her style and began doing the same. Later, he saw that people gave him attention; therefore, he added dancing to singing. This marked the birth of the ‘Malinga dance moves,’’ which consist of high kicks and energetic moves.

Mzansi reacts to Dr Malinga going back to school for matric

After the news that Dr Malinga wanted to return to school went viral, Mzansi responded. Many people think it’s an excellent idea for him to return to school. They feel education will help him how to manage his finances next time so that he will not end up bagging money from South Africans.

A Facebook user commented;

Thank you for heeding the call of CIC Julius Malema. Let’s go to school. Banks and technical jobs are waiting for us when we take the land. We can’t lead efficiently without education.”

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Moreover, others suggest that he is too old to go back to school; he should look for something else to do because education is stressful.

Going back is not easy especially when you are old. people should study while they are still youthfully because there is so much stress in education. I think he should look for some other business ventures to do not education. Thanks Bye

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