Actress and fashion designer, Enhle Mbali has tested positive for Covid-19 and she decided to tell her fans about her results through a length heartfelt post on Instagram.

The actress took to Instagram to pour her heart out on a recent post. In the post the actress elaborated on the challenges she’s faced over the years and how those challenges made her a stronger person.

“The last 3 years have been testing. Emotionally, Physically and mentally. I have been through many life changes and I am grateful as the universe continues to show me my greatness, even though it was being viciously stripped away from me.”

The fashion designer further explained that with all the recent events the world is facing , she had a tough conversation with herself on why she was forgetting to put herself first in everything. She added that she was listening to Jada Pinkett Smith on how people continue to be taken for granted by others because they allow them to.

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As Enhle contained to pour out her heart she ended her emotional post by revealing she tested positive for Covid-19. She says she doesn’t know how it happened because she’s a very careful person in everything she does.

“I also tested positive for covid as careful as I am . They even make fun of me on set. Yesterday was the worst days, I was pretty sure my chest would give in , I gave myself permission to heal and also to ask for help.”

Enhle isn’t the only celebrity that has tested positive for virus. AKA and Abdul Khoza also went public about testing positive for the virus and promised fans to document their roads to recovery.

Get well soon Queen , we wish you a speedy recovery. Guys remember to sanitize and wear those masks, Covid-19 is real!!!

Read the rest of the post below.

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