Enhle Mbali Makes Fun Of Dj Black Coffee’s Hand. Video

Enhle Mbali Makes Fun Of Dj Black Coffee’s Hand

Divorce can be a nasty experience altogether. Many couples have failed to separate amicably without any over the top hustles. Enhle Mbali and Nkosinathi Mapumulo (DJ Black Coffee) are no exception and have been known to randomly clap back at each other on social media.

In the recent “episode” many people felt Enhle Mbali went too far and hit below the belt. In the video which Enhle posted on her insta stories, she was seen holding a prop severed hand with the caption “meet my new man”. What made most people feel sick to the stomach by the video is the fact that Black Coffee does not have an arm as everyone knows and the fact that Enhle posted that part of Black Coffee’s disability then started laughing had people upset.

Watch the video below

After posting the video, Enhle Mbali came onto Twitter and explained her side of the story. “As much as Black Coffee and I are not together, he is still the father of my children. It is insensitive and outright stupid. Stop it. The post I made was from set. Stop it. Stop being stupid. As a black people it’s embarrassing how you guys constantly pull each other dows. Stop”

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