Everyone Left Speechless After Noticing Why This Photo Is Trending. A photo of two love birds has been doing the rounds on social media. In the photo, which seemingly was taken in the Limpopo province, a man in a blue jacket and white pants can be seen holding on to a woman as they took the cover of a Siyaya minibus taxi that’s parked.

Everyone Left Speechless After Noticing Why This Photo Is Trending

The couple, oblivious of their surroundings only had eyes for each other as they held on to each other. Many theories have been passed on with many suggesting there might be some cheating involved and questioning why they had to hide behind a taxi. Mzansindaba has however noticed something else that caught our eye and was very difficult to notice at first glance.

According to investigations, the incident happened outside of Gate 2 at the University of Limpopo in Turfloop.


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Even though some suggested the couple might be cheating, we could not help notice the absolute disregard of the man in the photo to observe Covid-19 protocols. Masks when in a public area are mandatory and the older man is showing the younger generation that this does not matter. Even the lack of social distancing on their part is a cause for concern.

Do you think maybe one the two is married or it’s just two adults in love?


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