Famous Pastor & his wife were sentenced to 252 years behind bars for these crimes.

Famous South Affican pastor & his wife were sentenced to 252 years behind bars for these crimes.

A George pastor, his wife and a hitman who were convicted of the murder of a woman which they intended on benefiting from her life and funeral insurance which she was not made aware f received hefty sentences today.

The three, Pastor Melisizwe Monqo, his wife, Siphosihle Pamba and hit man, Phumlani Qusheka are convicted of kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances, murder, and defeating or obstructing the course of justice, house breaking in order to commit murder, attempted murder, the illegal possession of a firearm and conspiracy to commit murder.

Monqo and his wife are convicted of 13 counts of fraud.

Monqo of God’s Work International Ministries was sentenced to life behind bars and 252 years and three months imprisonment while his wife received 20 years and Qusheka was given life and 63 years.

All accused were declared unfit to own a firearm.

They are faced sentencing at the George Circuit High Court today for the murder of Hlompo Koloi after being convicted in September.

The 25-year-old victim had been stabbed several times and her throat had been slit and her body had been found in July 2018 by fishermen at Voelklip beach in Hermanus.

The State proved that the trio had taken out life and funeral policies in the millions prior to her death, which she had been unaware of – and lured her to George airport on prospects of a job opportunity.

Eric Ntabazalila of the National Prosecuting said it was the State’s case that Monnqo and his wife had taken out life policies on behalf of church members:“This case involves a scam where Monqo and his wife took out life insurance policies on behalf of church members, his ex-lover, the mother of his child and planned their murders with intent to benefit from the payment of the life insurance policies.

“Life insurance policies were taken on behalf of Nomfundiso Booi, Anelisa Xhotyeni, Bulelwa Sihawu, and Koloi.

“These unsuspecting victims were insured with Assupol, Liberty Life, Outsurance, 1 Life Insurance, Clientel Life ad Discovery and the accused stood to benefit more than R26, 9 million.

The well calculated scam was proceeding well until the afternoon of 05 July 2018 when a lone fisherman, Francois Gerber, on his way to fish at Herolds Bay found the body of Koloi lying on the side of Voëlklip gravel road. He contacted the police who started their investigation on why a body of a smartly dressed young woman lay motionless on the side of a deserted gravel road.

The attempted murder charge related to that of a victim named, Nomfundiso Booi.

They are also convicted on charges of defeating or obstructing of the course of justice, housebreaking in order to commit murder, attempted murder of Nomfundiso Booi, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and conspiracy to murder Booi. Monqo and his wife are also convicted on 13 counts of fraud.”

Ntabazalila said they trio were sentenced as such: “The 32-year-old pastor at God’s Work International Ministries was sentenced to life and 252 years and three months imprisonment. His 26-year-old wife was sentenced to an effective 20 years imprisonment. Qhusheka (31) was sentenced to life and 63 years. All the accused were declared unfit to own a firearm.

“Monqo was convicted on 26 charges for Koloi’s murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, housebreaking with intent to commit murder, illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and 13 counts of fraud.”

He added that the case evidence showcased that Monqo and Pamba had given police false information after the deceased body was found.

“After the discovery of the body, Monqo and Pamba gave the investigating officer Sergeant Thembekile Matwa false statements on 11 July 2018 and the three accused were arrested on the respective dates, 16 July 2018, 20 July 2018 and 07 July 2018.

“Ensuing investigations revealed that the unemployed Koloi was told that she had a job interview at the George Airport. On this day, she called friends to borrow money for a taxi fare to attend the interview. Her boyfriend and her brother accompanied her to the hiking spot at Thembalethu bridge, George. She boarded a silver-grey sedan driven by Monqo with Qhusheka seated at the back. A few hours later, her lifeless body was found with 7 stab wounds and a slit throat.

“The investigation also revealed that other similar cases were committed in and around the jurisdictions of Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth, Bisho, Mthatha and Western Cape. Senior State Advocate, Evadne Kortje obtained a centralisation certificate from the National Director of Public Prosecutions in order to prosecute the case in the Western Cape.

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“She called 36 witnesses including three 204 witnesses who implicated the three accused in the crimes.

“The Acting Director of Public Prosecutions, Advocate Nicolette Bell, commended Advocate Kortje and Sergeant Matwa for the sterling work they have done over the past three years and four months.

“Sergeant Matwa criss-crossed two provinces collecting evidence, consulting witnesses and victims and brought all that evidence to Advocate Kortje. She managed to put together a complicated case, worked with emotional witnesses and successfully proved her case beyond reasonable doubt. This is an exhibition that our coordinated approach to dealing with crimes are paying off and resulting in long sentences.”

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