Fans left in shook by Qwabe twins real age. Identical twins Viggy and Virginia Qwabe are our Mzansi song birds who won the hearts of many after appearing on South African idols a few years back, the two Durban born and bread musicians are really talented and they are very passionate about music. They haven’t been in the music industry for long and they are already working their way to the to, the two have a very successful career in music because of how talented they are and a lot of artists want to work with them.

Fans left in shook by Qwabe twins real age

During their season on SA idols both of themade it to the top 10 many viewers loved to see them perform however they didn’t make it to the finishing line. Viggy amd Virginia started singing at a very young age as the would lead song at the church, since then they knew that they wanted to make their careers in the music industry. The pair grew up in a very humble home as their father is the founder of the Pure Freedom Christ, so they grew up going to church every Sunday and they were raised very well.

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When entering the idols competition the twins wanted to win however that did not happen but they were recognized by one of the biggest music producers in pur country, Afrotainment. DJ Tira made their dream of becoming well known singers come true as they are now well known and they have worked with many different artists in the music industry. Virgy and Virginia were born in 1997 and they are currently 23 years old and will be turning 24 this year.

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