Fierce Lioness: Uzalo’s “Gabisile” Warns She Will “Shoot To Kill” If anyone ever did this…to her beautiful kids. Veteran actress Baby Cele-Maloka is one fierce mama bear when it comes to protecting her loved ones.

Fierce Lioness: Uzalo’s “Gabisile” Warns She Will “Shoot To Kill” If anyone ever did this…to her beautiful kids

Baby Cele-Maloka, who is well known for her role as Gabisile on Uzalo, said she would “shoot to kill” anyone who dares to mess with her family.

The 50-year-old actress revealed this on social media on Thursday morning.

She posted a photo of her family with her two children, Yolisa and Thando, on the photo-sharing platform and revealed that she would do anything for them.

The Uzalo actress captioned the photo:

“We have come a long way, just the THREE of us, just mess with them; I SHOOT to KILL.”

Fierce Lioness: Uzalo’s “Gabisile” Baby Cele-Maloka Warns She Will “Shoot To Kill”
Vetetan Actress Baby Cele-Maloka and family [Photo Credit: Instagram via Baby Cele-Maloka]

Many fans, friends and followers of the actress liked the post and remarked that the actress was showing a mother’s instincts to protect her offspring.

However, some questioned the wording of the caption, saying that it was too strong.

They advised the Uzalo actress not to use charged language like “Shoot To Kill,” which could give the wrong message.

Below are some of the reactions to Baby Cele-Maloka’s post,


Beautiful family, Sister…however am a little uncomfortable with the “shoot to kill part” of your caption, which might be taken out of context given that you are a public figure.


Gabi gal gorgeous G. thé boy looks Winston from générations

Beautiful family, a gorgeous fierce lioness with her cub.

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Gugu Gumede

The sweetest, most beautiful family

The Uzalo star from Umlazi, KZN, permanently moved with her two children, Yolisa and Thando, when she joined the production. At the time, she left her husband in Johannesburg.

Speaking of the move, the veteran actress told Drum,

“The sacrifice was worth it. I would not change it for anything. At first, I was reluctant, I had just gotten married and I had to move. Like any other relationship or marriage when you are far apart there are challenges. But the move really made sense even spiritually, it made sense why I was given the job and it paid off in a huge way.”

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