Flabba’s killer Sindi embraced, FORMER convict Skeem GP is giving Flabba’s girlfriend
the opportunity to rehabilitate her image.

Flabba's killer Sindi embraced

The businessman and author said he met Sindisiwe Manqele just after she was released from prison in May.
Skeem GP, whose real name is Themba Lukhele, said he knew how it felt to be treated like an outsider by your
community after leaving jail.

Sindisiwe was sentenced to 12 years for killing Flabba in n2015 and served seven before being released on parole.
Skeem GP said he wanted to help her rebuild her life by going to schools and communities with his foundation.

He said he had met with Sindiswe and Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi’s family.

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“The family has shown love to her and wants her to be part of society. We have been attending some events
where we go and teach people about prison,” he said.

Skeem GP said because he had been in prison, Sindiswe’s family approached him to show her how to
adjust to freedom.

He said the Skeem GP Foundation focused on genderbased violence and social development campaigns. “Forgiveness is everything and I believe people deserve a second chance”


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