Former The Queen actor SK Khoza tries his luck on music – Video. It’s with no doubt that SK Khoza has been making headlines recently and not the good kind. The former The Queen actor had a very public fallout with his employers and his fiance. With him out of work, SK Khoza ‘Shaka’ from The Queen tries his luck in the music scene.

Former The Queen actor SK Khoza tries his luck on music – Video

Sthembiso Khoza is famously known as Shaka Khoza in The Ferguson Films production The Queen. The Khoza brother is famous for being a bad boy on and off-screen. He embodies his TV character in his life. On-screen, he had Harriet Khoza played by Connie Ferguson to tame him in real life that can not be said for the man.

SK Khoza had made headlines before when he was first suspended on The Queen after his reckless behaviour off-screen started affecting his work. Khoza hosted a widespread party amid covid and lockdown, which found him being arrested after videos went viral on social media. The actor was later released, but he did not stop there. Recently he made headlines when he physically assaulted his fiancee, and she reported him to the police with bruises covering her body. The actor was arrested but later granted bail of 1000 and released.

Amid all these dramas, Multichoice terminated his contract with him. This led to Fergurson Films not having a choice but to fire him from the show. The production house parted on good terms with the actor and wished him well in his future endeavours. Fans of the show started a discussion on Twitter as soon as the news broke out as they tipped his little brother Abdul Khoza to replace him on The Queen. Abdul is doing well in the entertainment industry, with no drama attached to his name. He is the opposite of his big brother in a lot of ways.


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With no acting gigs coming his way at the moment, SK Khoza might be trying his hand in other branches of the industry. According to his Instagram stories from this past weekend, SK Khoza is trying his luck in music. In 2019 he was seen in a studio recording and playing some beats as he tried rapping. Fans never saw the tracks being released, even though they were cheering him on. With nothing going on for him except his paid partnerships, will he finally release some music to his patient fans?

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