Khaya Dladla is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most talented actors. With his fantastic portrayal of GC in South Africa’s number one soapie, Uzalo, he has gained so many fans. All fans of Uzalo have a personal liking for Gc Khaya Dladla’s role on Uzalo has made him one of the most celebrated actors on the small screen right now, however, having been in the industry for 10 years. Former Uzalo Actor Khaya Dladla Survives Covid-19.

He took to Instagram where he said he wished people would understand the power
of mind.

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In his post he said:

I’m LIVING proof of beating COVID-19

14th Days of Isolation have been a journey of introspection, new habits and a return of some old ones… This journey has been an emotional and very psychological battle. The day people understand the power of mind the better.

As soon as your mind tells your lungs you can’t breath…

As soon as your mind tells your body you are dying…

Take care of yourself and SPEAK LIFE to yourself everyday


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