From a waitress to a self-made millionaire: A look at Ayanda Ncwane’s business empire. With an illustrious career spanning years, the bubbly media personality has pocketed hefty amounts from her unmatched flair. She knows well how to secure the bag.

From a waitress to a self-made millionaire: A look at Ayanda Ncwane’s business empire

Undoubtedly, she has fast become one of Mzansi’s celebrated media personalities, and her big wins tell it all. We can all agree she has the plug and the bling too.

Ayanda Ncwane is a celebrated South African media personality best known for her commercial adverts with OUTsurance and Clientele. The seasoned media personality has made strides on small screens with acting gigs in Mzansi’s drama series and reality shows. Ayanda was once married to the late multi-award-winning gospel sensation Sfiso Ncwane.

Despite being married to a multi-millionaire, it seems as if Ayanda had it already figured out when it comes to her business empire. Many might think she was thrust into fame because of her marriage with Sfiso, but that is not the case. She worked her way up, and her marriage was just the icing on the cake. Let’s dive into Ayanda’s rise to fame and booming business empire.

From a waitress to a self-made millionaire: A look at Ayanda Ncwane’s business empire
Ayanda’s rise to fame

Like those before her, she had her shot to fame through modelling. After matriculating, she participated in the Miss Teen Durban before trying her luck in Miss Teen South Africa. She also furnished her craze of acting with some drama studies. She had her jackpot on small screens, and she was the next big thing to ever happen to Mzansi.

One will not believe that Ayanda was once a waitress before her thrust into stardom. However, it wasnt all rosy as she once did odd jobs to make ends meet. Fortune favours the bold whilst a teen Ayanda was cast into Generations and starred alongside some of Mzansi’s finest, the likes of Connie Ferguson, despite playing as an extra. The bubbly actress also starred in Mzansi and Isidingo before switching the floor to commercial advertising.

Ayanda’s Business Empire

Apart from being a celebrated actress, she doubles as a business mogul. Ayanda Ncwane makes a fortune from commercial adverts and is best known for her Outsurance and Clientele Insurance ads. However, she is not fixed aboard and has worked with several big companies when it comes to adverts the likes of Huawei. From her advertisement gigs and ambassadorial deals, sources show that she earns around R7.5 million per annum.

Her name has far beyond materialised as a brand. Undoubtedly, her popularity and colossal following have seen her win big gigs with big cooperates such as Huawei and other automobile companies.

Companies and Franchises under her name

Upon the death of Sfiso Ncwane, she assumed the positions of CEO of Ncwane Communications and the president of Africa Gospel Awards. Soon after the death of Sfiso Ncwane, she opened an Entertainment Agency company that caters for nurturing and management of young talent. Ayanda Ncwane also happens to be the CEO of one of the biggest carnivals in South Africa. The celebrated media personality is the brains behind the Ayanda Ncwane Women’s Carnival, which provides a platform for women in Durban and Mzansi to share business ideas and projects.

The bubbly media personality launched the Annual Gospel All-Stars concerts to honour her husband’s legacy. The concerts honour and draw a huge following across the globe as it features some of the world’s finest when it comes to the gospel genre. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive gospel shows that costs a fortune for one to attend.

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Net Worth

As of 2022, she has an estimated net worth of R30 million. She even featured in one of the biggest reality shows that appreciated multi-millionaires in Durban, The Real Housewives Of Durban. Rumour mill has it that she also has business interests in real estate. She has a million-dollar fleet with some of the world’s expensive rides, such as the limited edition of Ranger Rovers.

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