From Grass To Grace; See How This Young Man Looked Like Before & After 5 Years see In Pictures. Mzansi were left stitched after seeing a story of a young man who rose from poor to rich. Some people are lucky to be alive. There is a story of a young man which is currently circulating from social media and is now causing mixed reactions to followers.

From Grass To Grace; See How This Young Man Looked Like Before & After 5 Years see In Pictures

According to Facts Zambia2 a young man was left so poor in the past 5 years that no body would want to associate with him. As he explained his story he said even his schoolmates wanted to do anything with him.

Looking at the pictures which he provided in Fact Zambia 2, the man looks dirty and unrefined in the past 5 years. Looking how far he has come to terms with life, after 5 years…the man looks handsome and clean at the same time.

His now saying that everyone want to associate with him. Even the woman are now through in themselves to him while back no girls will want to talk to him. He was just a dead walking man without a shade.

It’s sad that there are other followers who are still not convinced about the young man’s story. Many people wanted to know more about his wellbeing, what happenedto him that he find himself in such state. People wanted to know the reason behind his life.

People feels like there is something which he could be hiding that he is not telling. From the start there is no indication of the things he once did. If its work he could have mentioned the type of work he is doing. Many people were actually waiting to hear how he achieve this transformation within 5 years.

One thing we know for sure is that people go to witch doctors and are told to go mad for six months and when the get back to normal they become so wealthy.

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Here are some of the reactions in Facebook:Kennedy Ndimbe wrote ” It seems you were tormented by girls not having a word with you. Now that you are there and tend to be grateful that they now come around. Tell us what you did to be what you’re now”

Wesley Jay: “Nothing is inspiring here. The story doesn’t make sense, women and what what is not an inspiration,after all you still have more than 1 woman. Instead of telling us the secret colt you joined so we join too, you are here speaking English . be very very careful am in a good mood.”

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