Generations Actor Luyolo arrested and fired. Karabo Maseko is popularly known as Luyolo on one of the most watched SABC 1 soapies, Generations The Legacy.

Generations Actor Luyolo arrested and fired

He had been trusted with a role of being a Rastafarian medical graduate who is currently working as a medical doctor alongside with Pearl Monama who plays the role of Sphesihle.

From the beginning of his role, Luyolo has been enthusiastic about his work and has shown so much passion as he fights on a daily basis to save a life.The good doctor is seen as a goal oriented person on screen who shuns away from evil and unlawful things that may cause him to lose his licence as a doctor.

When he is not at work, Luyolo is home with his housemates or out for drinks and smoking his ganja. He is a very peaceful human being who does not like being involved in fights.

In the latest episodes, we have seen him going through the worst as he is unintentionally working with the vicious and troublesome Philani who ends people’s lives for wealth.

After Luyolo mistakenly diagnosed a patient with incorrect medication, the patient sued him and his license as a doctor was in a process of being taken away from him. Philani the vicious man who does abominable things for wealth was also a patient at that time and promised to help Luyolo with this case but he did not explain to him on how he was going to help him.

Philani killed the patient and told Luyolo that he had done so and he can continue enjoying his life as a doctor without stressing about losing his license. Philani then continued to tell him that from now on they will work together and started demanding money from Luyolo.

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He gave Luyolo no choice but to work with him otherwise he would twist the story and tell the police that he killed the patient. Luyolo then started doing illegal and unlawful activities with Philani which involved selling drugs and stealing medication from the hospital for their own use of selling it at lesser prices.

In the upcoming episodes, DR Malinga is seen investigating the case of this innocent patient and everything points to Luyolo as he also finds evidence of Luyolo illegally selling hospital medication. There will be enough evidence for him to be arrested and lose his career for life.

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