Actress Manaka Ranaka who plays the role of Lucy Diale on SABC 1 soap opera Generations The Legacy, gets emotional and teary about mental issues affecting South African men.

Generations The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka breaks down

Following the death of former Generations actor Patrick Shai who committed suicide at his Soweto home on Saturday morning, Manaka expressed her disappointment for failure to reach out. Generations The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka breaks down

The untimely passing of Patrick Shai, a man who left a mark in the acting and entertainment industry, shocked Mzansi and evoked important stress management discussions. During her venting out the video, Manaka Ranaka pointed out a worryingly rising trend of South African men who committed suicide recently and made a plea for men to allow themselves to be vulnerable.

‘It’s ok not to be ok, the rate at which our South African men are taking their lives is alarming, and the government has to put in measures to stop it. Let’s be there for our men and young boys, they are going through a lot, and we need to be more sensitive and stop cyber bullying’ – Manaka Ranaka.
Mzansi calls out for National Depression Day.

Like all critical issues in South African societies, Mzansi pleads with lawmakers and government to dedicate a day on the yearly calendar to mental awareness campaigns and term it National Depression Day.

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Unfortunately, we have become a very careless society with our words. Nobody would know what the next person is going through; therefore, let’s try to be kind. Kindness is free so is empathy. Especially black men are told not to deal with their emotions. We should change on a large scale, and we need a National Depression Day for free counseling and awareness campaigns.

Lucy Diale on Generations The Legacy

On Generations The Legacy, Manaka Ranaka plays tough Lucy Diale, a self-proclaimed queen of Alexandra. She doesn’t allow herself to be vulnerable and maintains her social status as a formidable personality. Pouring out her heart in real life contradicts her tough onscreen character, an act that left her fans speechless.

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