Get well soon messages pour in for Pearl Modiadie. Being sick and having to go to the hospital is one of the scariest things at the moment. It doesn’t matter how sick you are.

Get well soon messages pour in for Pearl Modiadie

Which why is why most people avoid such health care place. Imagine being so sick that you don’t have a choice but to go. Worst part you are going for surgery.

Pearl Modiadie is a new mother to a baby boy and she is enjoying every second of it. Our child stars are all grown and are people’s parents. Time definently flies. The Zaziwa presenter has new show that she is currently hosting, a game show. We are glad she is back on our screens.

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She posted a few pictures after her surgery. Where she had gone under the knife to remove her wisdom teeth. “In a celebratory mood today because I finally removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth 💃🏾😆. I recently developed a fear of being under general aesthetic, so I’m proud to have done it anyway… with lots of prayer and tears just before surgery”.

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