Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini scammed R80 000.00! The fabulous and glamorous Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini is at loggerheads with a certain Doctor Brian Monaisa who is a plastic surgeon. Gogo Skhatheni-Dlamini has taken to social media to expose Dr Brian Monaisa after being scammed R80 000.00.

Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini scammed R80 000.00!

Social media is abuzz following Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini sharing WhatsApp screenshots with a certain Dr Brian Monaisa who has scammed her money. Reportedly, Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini’s son is currently in ICU fighting for his life and the money is needed for his medical and hospital bills.

The WhatsApp conversations also show the numerous times Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini has made contact with Dr Brian Monaisa but at every turn, she has been met with lies and empty promises. The outraged Gogo Skhotheni has eventually taken to Twitter to expose the scammer doing and to warn others to refrain from ever using him and his services.

“He unblocked me and got back to me all is well” wrote Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini

Gugu Mlotshwa on Twitter has shared and exposed the same Dr Brian Monaisa for being scammed an amount of R140 000.00 since November. Mlotshwa continued to mention that her Brazilian Butt Life (BBL) and breast reduction was cancelled few hours without any proper reason.


Instead, Dr Brian Monaisa promised the patient a refund but from November till to date there has never been a refund. According to Gugu Mlotshwa, Dr Brain Monaisa has since blocked her on WhatsApp as well as on Instagram for wanting back her money.

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“I was booked for a BBL and breast reduction on the 8th of November 2022 with @brianmonais and I had the worst experience EVER!! So fast forward he cancels literally hours before he needs to perform the procedure, with no solid reason whatsoever. So he tells me…” wrote Gugu Mlotshwa

Dr Brian Monaisa has already pleaded with Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini to not be bewitched following this incident. Instead Gogo SKhotheni-Dlamini has since instructed the Dr to do right by her or else she will take matters into her own hands.

“I am healer not a witch but I can do what others do to me @brianmonais will I get my 80k that you owe me or should I deal with it my own way???” wrote Gogo Skhotheni-Dlamini

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