Fun Fact: Gomora’s Teddy Is Older Than His Teacher, Manzi, In Real Life.

Gomora’s Teddy Is Older Than His Teacher, Manzi, In Real Life

Did You Know: Gomora Actor Teddy Is In Real Life Older Than His Teacher Manzi 

The current Gomora storyline on teenager Teddy has made us glued to our small screens with much curiosity and it has led to a lot of uncomfortable conversations after exposing some harsh truths, about gender-based violence, that people were not ready for.

Teddy, who is played by actor Sicelo Buthelezi, has easily become our favorite teenager on primetime TV and his story has given us chest pains.

Teddy found himself enamoured by his new teacher Ncebakazi Manzi played by actress, Sihle Ndaba, in no time

The cute teacher and student crush-relationship on Gomora, ended in tears after Miss Manzi took advantage of Teddy’s innocence and had non-consensual se.x with him.

Teddy is a boy tormented and he’s barely hanging on as he struggles to come to grips with what happened between him and Miss Manzi.

Although he plays a troubled teenager Teddy, Sicelo Buthelezi is actually older than Sihle Ndaba who plays Miss Manzi in real life.

Sicelo Buthelezi’s birth date is listed as on the 20th of March 1985, meaning he’s 35 years old at the moment while Sihle Ndaba was born on the 13th of June 1989, which makes her 31.

Sicelo Buthelezi once opened up on playing Teddy to Showmax, saying he really enjoys playing the character:

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What attracted me to the Teddy role was that he’s a special kid from ekasi, his personality is a challenge and he’s not your normal character. He’s got these intricacies that make him so much fun to play. Did I get scared reading about his situation and his personality? No! I dived right into playing this character.

Sihle Ndaba also opened up on playing Miss Manzi, saying she’s a layered and complex character:

She is a complex character with lots of layers. I enjoyed playing her and I am honoured to be trusted with the responsibility of telling such an important story.

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