Good News For Alcohol Drinkers | Alcohol Sales Back On 1 February? The current lockdown level 3 restrictions and the government’s alcohol sales ban have brought a new meaning to ‘Dry January’.

Good News For Alcohol Drinkers | Alcohol Sales Back On 1 February?

Even though there is currently no official statement from the South African government or the SAB with the alcohol sales ban getting lifted, there are still multiple reports about the alcohol sales going back to normal on 1 February (Please note that these rumors are not confirmed).

Even if these rumors are not correct, there is still some good news, as the South African Breweries (SAB) has not given up the fight to bring back alcohol sales,

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The SAB is using their website and social media accounts to launch several campaigns with the intention of showing the government the negative effects the ban can have on those who rely on alcohol sales for a living.

The good news for alcohol drinkers is that the SAB will continue for those who are working in the alcohol industry, which means that they are also fighting for alcohol drinkers as the same time, so hopefully the rumors are true and the SAB’s efforts will lead to the alcohol sales ban finally getting lifted, fingers crossed!

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