Gospel artist Betusile Mcinga’s pants tear during performance. When the Grammy-winning musician’s tight pants suddenly tore at the rear, exposing his underpants, he had already been scheduled to perform at the occasion.

The gifted artist covered the tear in the back of his pants with a woollen jersey and went on stage rather than feeling self-conscious and pulling out of the event. When pictures of the embarrassing incident appeared on social media, Betusile wasn’t particularly bothered by the jokes.

By posting a video of a female presenter trying to twerk on camera and having her tight dress rip in two, Betusile asserted that these incidents do not originate with him. You can take away a few lessons from the whole event. Do everything and anything with passion, and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Never let anything stand in your way.


Gospel performer Betusile Mcinga hides her damaged pants and keeps going. Facebook users nonetheless enjoyed themselves at Betusile’s expense.

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“Now that you guys know, Betusile Mcinga did not purposely wrap the jersey around his waist, but he had no alternative due to what had occurred,” stated Vuyani Jali Nodumo.

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