Gugu Gumede is a celebrated South African actress who plays the character of MaMlambo on South Africa most watched soapie Uzalo. Mamlambo Uzalo in real life is the daughter of a South African freedom fighter and prominent politician, MP Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi and the late Simon Hulumeni Gumede.

Gugu Gumede’s Salary At Uzalo For 2021 Leaked

Gumede is a great actress as it is easy to distinguish her from Ma’Mlambo. She can easily get into character and snap out of it again effortlessly. Her theatre experience has even convinced the Uzalo fans that she is in her forties

The renowned actress believes in the clout her tongue holds. She develops a craze for acting at a tender age of nine and natters it into existence when she tells her friend that she will be an actor someday.

If your wife hasn’t made dinner by 8.30 pm just know you will have to eat it after hours. It’s time for Uzalo and you wouldn’t want to disturb anyone with eyes glued to the screen because no matter how you try, they won’t snap out of the trance the soapie brings.

How could they when Ma’Mlambo the prejudiced, loud-mouthed and rumour monger is on TV? She is the men stealing type on the show but she surely steals everyone’s attention when she steps into the scene. Now that you know, tune in to SABC 1 every weekday at 8.30 and prepare to be mind blown.

Before joining the Uzalo cast the celebrated star actress starred on Generations in 2015. Later that year the vivacious actress bagged a lead role on Uzalo as MaMlambo.

In 2018, she presented the 11th Crown Gospel Music Awards along with Somizi Mhlongo, Rebecca Malope, Clement Maosa and other celebrities.

Salaries: Gugu Gumede ‘MaMlambo’ Salary At Uzalo Revealed

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Many questions have been asked on how much does MaMlambo take home from Uzalo on monthly basis.

Salaries of actors vary with the production house however salaries of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry are based on variables such as show ratings, years of experience and obviously craft competence. Common logic dictates assert that Uzalo has the highest ratings and it recently edged Generations: The Legacy on viewership reviews.

Uzalo boasts more than 9.88 million viewers while Generations has about 9.1 million viewers, as many could obviously assume that Uzalo would have the highest-paid performers, but that’s not the case.

The Uzalo firebrand MaMlambo gets a salary between R35 000 to R45 000 per month depending on scenes featured. When she is not on-set, she is either at church or making side hustles. Talk about keeping the hustle alive. That is how she keeps her money rolling in and all these gigs she is scooping are cashing in a whopping R200 000.

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