Heart-Melting Video of Precious Daughter’s Reaction to Mom Getting a New Car Has Mzansi People in Their Feels. A heartwarming video of a baby girl showing the purest level of love for her momma has stolen hearts.

Heart-Melting Video of Precious Daughter’s Reaction to Mom Getting a New Car

Twitter user @Zee_mazibuko is the proud aunty of the gorgeous girl who cried when her mother received her new car.  Seeing the pure emotions felt by the little girl had many feeling all the feels, remembering what true blessings kids are .

When a child loves, smiles and even cries, it generally comes from the purest of intentions. This tiny princess reminded us all of what it means for someone to be truly happy for your happiness.

The sweet little girl was hit with emotion and started to cry out of pure happiness for her momma. There is no questioning the pure love and joy portrayed in this beautiful clip. Priceless! “Not my niece’s reaction to her mom’s new car

What a beautiful moment that left many feeling all the feels. Children are such blessings and we can learn a lot from their innocence.



Take a look at what some had to say:

@miss_fine_wine said: “It’s safe to say, it’s her car ❤️”



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@NoKuThuLa_9 said: “So adorable and cute she’s making me cry as well ”

@TafadzwaNicole said: “Kids are just so precious and so pure.”

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