Heavy K Exposes Ifani For Sleeping With His Girlfriend.Drumboss ‘Heavy K’ Sat down with widespread Podcaster waterproof G on his latest episode of Podcast and Chill.

Heavy K Exposes Ifani For Sleeping With His Girlfriend - Video

The producer born major gems in his interview and his story is incredibly inspiring . The boy WHO left for city at the age of nineteen with the sole R100 in his checking account is currently one in all the simplest DJs we’ve got in our time however his story gets higher and higher.

Heavy K’s career is one that’s admirable as he gave America dateless hits since the age of sixteen. the person created ‘Lento’ by academic, that was one in all the primary gems he born throughout the strike interview. The hit song was discharged in 2010 and featured singer Speedy. With all the success he was still bust and despite being far-famed, he still couldn’t afford an honest way.

Naak Musiq introduced serious K to a lady known as Vivian WHO accustomed be a video disagreeable woman. He same he tried his boundary to impress the girl as he had no cash from time to time. The producer same Vivian was there for him once he had no cash and would typically psychoanalysis with R200 if he required food.

“She was one lady WHO knew serious K with nothing. She likable ME for WHO i’m, and he or she accustomed lend ME R200 simply to shop for eggs.”

When he started creating cash, serious K needed to require things to consecutive level with Vivian. however before he might try this, he needed to understand WHO had smashed his girlfriend at the time. during a jaw-dropping moment, he unconcealed that Ifani admitted to sleeping along with her. once confessing, serious determined to dump her and progress together with his life.

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He conjointly self-addressed the matter of blessers sleeping with the mother of his kids and ex-wife Ntombi. “As long as i’m now not hooked up to something as a result of there’s nothing, I will do concerning it. If it fits different men’s egos that they’re smashing serious K’s baby mama, then thus be it. She is that the mother of my children she is going to forever be hooked up to ME.”
With all that he knew concerning her, he still views her because the queen that she is as she is that the mother of his boys.



The DJ conjointly talked concerning being fat shamed throughout his career. At some purpose he was observed ‘DJ Fats’ and ‘Magwinya’ that could be a food known as vetkoek. “I am resistant to individuals oral communication something concerning my weight.” waterproof G being the goof-ball that he’s, determined to poke a touch of fun at serious K’s weight and asked him once was the last time he saw his own phallus. That failed to get to serious K as he responded by oral communication he sees it each day.

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