Here is why African women love eating soil. Welcome to Africa, a place made up of 54 countries and breathtaking landmarks.

Here is why African women love eating soil

Did I also mention that Africa houses the world’s most beautiful women who are always down to earth?

Speaking of down to earth, it then makes perfect sense why African women love to indulge in soil.

Yes, African women, according to stats, love to eat soil, and experts have discovered the reason for this.

According to medical experts, this is a health issue triggered by iron and mineral deficiencies.

As women develop a craving for soil, doctors have warned that eating dirt can be dangerous. The habit is a result of low iron, a condition that can be treated.

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While eating soil has become commonly viewed as a harmless practice to many women, Kwa-Zulu-Natal’s general practitioner Dr Lungi Masuku has warned that it is a symptom of anaemia, an iron shortage that needed to be treated.

Dr Masuku added that iron deficiencies in women were experienced during pregnancies, so many women would start eating soil then.

She also suggested that women with soil cravings eat a lot of beetroot and liver because these carried a high iron content.

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