Here Is Why Jub Jub Is Not Allowed To See His Son. Kelly Khumalo’s first baby daddy was Jub Jub, with whom she was dating in 2010.

Here Is Why Jub Jub Is Not Allowed To See His Son

Their relationship was surrounded with controversy, and even though it has been over for more than a decade, it remains an interesting topic of discussion.

Kelly Khumalo claimed that Jub Jub was physically and emotionally abusive after their relationship ended, prompting her to leave the relationship. Of course, Jub Jub denied the allegations.

Currently, Kelly Khumalo’s son doesn’t have a relationship with his father Jub Jub. In a past interview with the Drum, Kelly Khumalo revealed that she had made a decision to keep her son away from Jub Jub even after he was released from prison and that she was doing so in Christian’s best interest.

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The songbird who has full custody of her son with Jub Jub further revealed that if Christian decided to have a relationship with his father after he turned 18 then she wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Kelly further accused Jub Jub of being an absentee father and demanded a proper apology to her and her entire family for his past mistakes if indeed he thought that his son was worth it.

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