Hours Before Jub Jub’s Interview With MacG About Kelly Khumalo, This Happens To Her. There is a lot that might happen after Jub Jub’s controversial interview tonight, one thing to know is that, the story is way deeper than we think. Jub Jub, as someone who has been part of singer Kelly Khumalo’s life, he had some things to get off his chest and judging by what we have already heard, he did not intend on going easy on Kelly.

Hours Before Jub Jub’s Interview With MacG About Kelly Khumalo, This Happens To Her

The public knows that the relationship between Jub Jub and Kelly has been sour for the longest time, there is even a child who is involved in all of this, he is grown enough to understand what is going on between his parents.

You might remember that, a while back, there were claims that Jub Jub had made attempts to reconnect with his son after he got released from prison and Kelly was against that. One would say that, it would have made sense for Kelly to give her son the opportunity to get to know his father, but as far as we know, Jub Jub has not had any luck.

It is not clear if he gets to spend time with his son or not, there were probably some arrangements that were made to ensure that both Jub Jub and Kelly are active in the child.

Now, how is it that, Jub Jub is saying all these things that he has been saying about his baby mama? To a lot of people, it probably seems like Jub Jub just wanted to embarrass Kelly, but we will have to watch the episode tonight on Channel O (21:30pm) because it is easy to take what someone said out of context when you do not really know what they were talking about.

Now, as you know, Jub Jub was on the biggest podcast in the country, Podcast And Chill With MacG and according to a short clip that has been making rounds on social media, he accused Kelly of using Muthi.

But the way Jub Jub said it, he made it seem like most South Africans knew about this, but the reactions came in and it turns out that a lot of people were shocked. People already have an idea of where Jub Jub might go with the matter regarding Kelly, but it is all just assumptions at this point.

There are probably people who would want to see Kelly’s reaction to what Jub Jub said about her, but she is dealing with bigger problems right now.

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On a normal day, she probably would have made a video, just to address the issue, but there is the Senzo Meyiwa case that keeps popping up every now and then. She is constantly reminded that former Bafana Bafana Captain, Senzo Meyiwa’s family, friends and supporters are still demanding answers from her.

Recently, Senzo’s brother, Sfiso Meyiwa revealed that Kelly knows who killed his brother and she made a decision to hide the truth.

So, with all of this happening, Kelly will probably not even say a thing about what Jub Jub revealed in the interview with MacG, but buzz might get to her. What do you think about this?

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