#HouseofZwide Nkosi exposes what Faith and Isaac did to his biological mom and sister. House of Zwide is based on fashion and finding out the truth about Funani Zwide’s long lost daughter, Zokuhle. Only three people knows the truth, that is Faith, Funani’s wife, Isaac, Faith’s ex and Nkosi, Funani’s first born child.

#HouseofZwide Nkosi exposes what Faith and Isaac did to his biological mom and sister.

The only problem is that Nkosi does not really remember what happened the night his biological mother died and sister disappeared until now.

Faith is an ambitious woman who is willing to kill to get whatever she wants especially to stay in her husband’s, Funani, good books. She hired to kill Funani’s first wife and Nkosi’s biological mother just to get Funani and the wealth that comes with him.

Faith went as far as killing her mother-in-law because she found out the truth about what really happened to her long lost granddaughter Zokuhle.

Now she will face yet another problem that will reveal a secret she plans to take to the grave. Her step son, Nkosi, was just a little when the whole thing happened and he saw it all but for many years he did not remember until he got nightmares that will get his father, Funani, suspicious and send him to a therapist.

This whole therapy thing will of course scare Faith and causes her to act and stop the whole thing but someone else knows the whole which makes four people who knows about the night Faith made her future by killing someone else.

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Ndlunkulu(Faith) will have a hard time getting rid of this man and even getting the amount of money that he wants will be difficult.

Keeping this secret is becoming more and more difficult for Faith as more people learn about what got Faith to the top. If this secret comes out her marriage to Funani will obviously come to an end and she and Issac will face jail time.

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