Former Scandal actor Mangi opens up on how he lost a his millions. “Hustle Through Your Flaws” Watch: Here Is How Scandal! Actor ‘Mangaliso’ Kagiso Modupe Became A Millionaire

How Actor Kagiso Modupe became a millionaire

There is hustling through your beauty and then there is hustling through your flaws, Kagiso Modupe chose the latter and became a millionaire overnight.

Talk about hustling smart….
The story of how South African award-winning actor and producer Kagiso Modupe became an instant millionaire is one for the books.

Kagiso who is popularly known for his role as Mangaliso Nyathi on eTV’s Scandal! was once a millionaire before he blew it all.

Speaking during a podcast, Kagiso Modupe revealed he used his private part to become a millionaire.
Kagiso, “It’s funny… I used my private part to become a millionaire.”

The host laughs as he asks him how he used the private part to become a millionaire
Kagiso responds by saying that it sounds really weird but he says that he made his first ‘bar’ via his private part.

The actor said that he used his private part in an advert.

He said that at that time he had been married to his wife for 12 years and he was not circumcised. A sudden realisation came upon him and figured that since he is not circumcized he can educate and urge other men to get circumcised.

Kagiso says that he approached Brothers For Life and Right to Care and decided to do a public circumcision campaign to encourage men to get circumcised with him on the same day.

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He put out an aMeet boy who dated 203 girls using his VW Polo. dvert on social media and made a deal that he gets 1 rand for every man that gets circumcised.
Just like that, Kagiso Modupe was successful in persuading 1,1 million men in South Africa to undergo the circumcision process in just one day.

As a result, Kagiso Modupe was able to amass millions of rands as a result of this campaign, thus becoming an instant millionaire.

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