” I wonder If DStv Would Have Ended The Queen If Shona Ferguson Were Still Alive. Many people have been called out Phil Mphela for lying on after he announced the cancelation of #TheQueenMzansi He was called out by the people he himself mentioned that they were fired. But this time around it seems like everyone is not saying anything.

"I wonder If DStv Would Have Ended The Queen If Shona Ferguson Were Still Alive

It’s so sad to hear that out favourite The Queen show is coming to an end next year. It’s never fun when many artists, actors and actress will be left with no work. It was fun when Isibaya and Isidingo come to an end. I remember many artist cry so much when Rhythm City announced that is coming to an end after they invested so much work to the art. I just wonder if DSTV would have ended if Shona Ferguson was still alive.

According Phil Mphela on Twitter DStv announces the cancellation of The Queen after being in the long for long run n Mzansi Magic. The twitter user @Phil Mphela took it to twitter where he revealed that The Queen final episode will come to end in January 13th 2023. #KgopolobReports that the long episode of the Lingashoni final episode is on March 16th 2023.

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The Queen will last shoot their last season 7 around July this year 2022. This means that new show will be introduced to replaced The Queen. Those who love watching The Queen can still enjoy watching their favorite time. It’s sad that DSTV could go along with the show after so many years of being in DStv.

People will be stuck with the Queens if for another year. People can still watch because come next years there will be new show coming in. It seems like this year’s is nit for Ferguson’s years..not long ago the Ferguson’s Films production was trending after in few days ago.

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This come after it was revealed that the Fergusons have fired Schumacher and also actress know as Brenda will be after salary disputes.

The news of the Queen has also been trending this weeks. The sad part is that we have not heard anything from the Ferguson’s production.

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