Idols contestant Phumzile Mseleku whose stage name is Ndoni was caught between waiting for next year or auditioning with her baby bump. She was pregnant when she was selected in the top 16 and now has a three-month-old baby girl.

Idols Contestant Phumzile Mseleku Just Gave Birth

She says the hardest part was singing while pregnant because she struggled to breathe. She thought about pulling out so many times and even though she’d get disqualified when she saw people talking about her pregnancy on social media.

She says she’s so grateful she didn’t pull out and has named her baby girl; Nonkazimulo which means Grace.

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Her baby girl is the reason she’s pushing herself week after week despite critics that judge her singing and her looks.

She’s finding it hard being away from her baby at the moment, but she knows that Idols South Africa is temporary and she’ll be home soon. She makes video calls to her baby whenever she misses her child, who’s currently being looked after by her family.

She says it’s a miracle that she’s still in the competition and says her baby is a miracle.

Idols South Africa fans have been very judgemental on Ndoni because they often can’t hear or understand her lyrics as she appears to have a mysterious accent.

However, some fans have come to her defense saying: “ Idols or not, Ndoni will make it. She’s got the right look, she’s unique and talented. She’s going to be scooped by an International music label.”

Ndoni whose been compared to the likes of Tracy Chapman and Macy Gray has a signature voice and looks that’s been rare to find in South Africa.

The 22-year-old has apparently said Idols is a stepping stone for her and she is inspired by many successful artists like Shekhina who entered and never won because they were just as different.

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