Anele from Kwa-Mashu wrote to Uya Jola 9/9 asking for assistance to get to the bottom of her boyfriend’s dodgy behaviour.Unapologetic Cheater Promises Jub Jub a Bullet

Unapologetic Cheater Promises Jub Jub a Bullet

Anele said she is worried about her man’s behaviour for the past two weeks, he has been behaving strangely.Unapologetic Cheater Promises Jub Jub a Bullet

“I have a problem, my man have changed, I can’t reach him on the phone, he hardly calls me these days, we have been dating for four years,” Anele said.

She also said they are both have introduced each other to each other’s families.

“My family knows him, his family know me as well. When we are together, he receives strange calls, sometimes he ignores some calls and that makes me suspecious. I haven’t seen him in two weeks, maybe he is tired of being with me,” she said.

Upon confrontation, the guy was never remorseful, all he wanted to do was to beat up Jub Jub while he constantly accused Anele of sleeping with Jub Jub.

“Take those cameras off my face, didn’t I speak to you? Didn’t I tell you I want a double? [Polygamous relationship] He said.

The unapologetic cheater who’s name was never mentioned throughout the entire episode started throwing tantrums at Jub Jub and accused him of mindling in his Affairs.

“You come all the way from Jozi to interfer on my relationship? You are disgusting. You are the one who brought these people here.

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The guy also kept promising to stab and beat up Jub Jub, but the bouncers held him tightly.

“I am going to stab you. You came all the way from Jozi to make a fool of me. When I get freed here, I am going to hurt you. We all have guns,” he said.

When asked if he is willing to solve and fix the problem with Anele, he opted not to solve, rather he said he is still busy with his side chick.

“I am still busy with my side chick, I am not going anywhere, I will fix at my own time. I am not scared of you. Take your man who wears panties and go away. I will shoot you,” he said.

On the other hand, the woman he was caught with was also swearing at Anele calling her all sorts of names.

“You are rushing like a morning Pee, you are causing chaos. He is all mine, calm down baby, let them go,” she said.

When leaving, the guy followed them swearing all over the place.

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