‘Indian’ reference on drinks bill shocks customer. A patron of the Old Grey Sports Club was shocked when his drinks bill was labelled ‘Indian’.

‘Indian’ reference on drinks bill shocks customer

The management at Gqeberha’s popular Old Grey Sports Club, which came under fire after a staff member referred to a patron as “Indian” on the bill, says the matter has been resolved internally.

The club was slammed on social media after the patron shared a photograph of the bill on his Facebook page.

Unleashing an online storm was the last thing the man had in mind when he visited the popular Glendinningvale establishment to have a few drinks with friends recently.

Instead, he was left with a bitter taste in his mouth when it came time to settle the bill, which referred to him as “Indian” on the slip.

The man, who could not be reached when approached for comment on Tuesday, wrote at the time: “This kind of behaviour in 2022 is unacceptable.”

“Instead of putting our table number as the tab name, our table number was ‘Indian’.

“I won’t be visiting your establishment again, Old Grey Sports Club.”

The photograph, which has since been removed from his profile, displays the name of the waiter who printed the bill, which totalled R299.

Facebook users who commented on the post labelled the incident “disgusting”, “disappointing” and “unacceptable”.

While some threatened to boycott the establishment, others called for calm and said people should not be overly sensitive when it came to matters of race.

Someone with previous experience as a waiter said the incident had probably been the fault of the waiter or waitress.

He said when he worked in restaurants he would often name his tables based on the description of the patrons, such as “couple” or “blue shirt”.

“It isn’t to say that calling [him] Indian isn’t wrong, it could just have been that the waiter considers the Indian characteristic the most notable and named it accordingly. Sometimes restaurants get really busy and waiters are human and they make mistakes,” the man said.

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When approached for comment on Tuesday, one of the managers at the Old Grey Sports Club, who identified himself only as Brad, said the matter had been handled internally.

He said the establishment and the patron had reached an amicable solution.

By means of an apology rendered on Facebook, they said the matter was addressed with all staff members the minute it was brought to their attention.

By midday on Tuesday, the post had been removed from the aggrieved patron’s Facebook page.

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