Inno Matijane Confusing Both Men And Women. Musician Inno Matijane is no stranger to the public eye — he is a reality TV star after all. He recently made waves on the internet, but it is not for the reason you may think.

Inno Matijane Confusing Both Men And Women

Inno recently went on social media to share pictures of himself. The angle of the photo and his pose in it got Mzansi talking, because wow! Baby got back!

His photos immediately sparked a conversation on Twitter, as men could not believe that he looks as attractive as a woman. His is the kind of booty that would leave men confused online, the same way that Boity Thulo and Pearl Thusi often do.


Social media users could not believe that the star is more curvaceous than many women in Mzansi. As one tweep posed to ladies, imagine having a flatter booty than Inno, when you are a woman.

But it’s not just his booty that was a topic of conversation. He is considered fine all round, as he is good looking, takes good care of himself, and is always well dressed too.

This is not the first time Inno’s booty has attracted conversation. The last time he trended online, he had confused both men and women, regardless of their sexuality. Men went to pay him compliments even though they had to mention that they were straight. The ladies were all jealous, but recognised that he got it!

“In no why you so fine. Aowa I’m straight but you on point,” one user going by @Dre-Anderz commented.


Inno has also just released a new song, his first single of the year, in collaboration with @dj_skhatla Dj Skhatla and Heart Beats, and featuring Shimza DaMuzik and Mr Nice Situations, and is called Angifuni Ukungasho.

As he took to social media to announce the new song, his fans poured in his comments to congratulate him on a job well done. He has a beautiful voice, and his fans have let him know in no uncertain terms. Even with the brief snippet he posted on social media, we can already tell the song is a certified banger.

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As an openly gay man, Inno has had it rough in Mzansi. He often faces a lot of hate for simply being himself, which is heartbreaking. Some time back, he shared a video of an altercation he had with a shop owner who refused to sell him a drink because of his sexuality. The shop owner claimed that his culture did not allow him to interact with gay people, and he reserved the right to refuse to serve Inno if he chose to.


Although one would expect people to jump in and assist, but bystanders merely stood by and watched, amused. The video didn’t get any sympathy on social media either.

But if Inno will do nothing else, he will live his truth boldly, and we love to see it. Also, Inno, could you drop your gym routine? We want to see something.

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