Is Ayanda Ncwane taking it too far now? On every episode of The Real Housewives of Durban, Ayanda Ncwane is always on point with her dressing. Her style of dressing is always all-out and glamorous.

Is Ayanda Ncwane taking it too far now?

Ayanda never misses the opportunity to always look fancy and stand out from all the housewives. Even if she is doing something as simple as meeting with a friend for a chat or cup of tea, Ayanda Ncwane does not hesitate to look so fancy that you would think that she is having tea with the President.

It seems as if Ayanda’s fans are getting a little bit too tired of what she always does and her dressing habit. Fans think that she is being too much now because she always dresses in fancy clothing in everything and everywhere she goes.

“I’d also like to her dressed in jeans and a t-shirt more often”, said one of the fans who believe that Ayanda Ncwane’s choice of dressing is becoming too much.

One other fan even pointed out the fact that Ayanda was dressed so formally for just meeting a friend for tea. Fans argue the fact that Ayanda could have just worn simple normal clothes, but she decided to dress as fancy as she can.

“We are not hating, but the outfit must match the occasion. Just meeting a friend for tea we go Gert Coetzee, lapho Sorisha is wearing PJs”, said the fan.

Sadly, Ayanda might have the “never let them catch you sleeping” type of attitude, hence she dresses the way she does. Some people like the way she dresses and her attitude, but some are just not up for it.

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Some of her fans just want to see her dressed as normally as possible just like everyone else does. They also want to see her dressed in an outfit that they can think of as just like a normal shirt and a pair of jeans.

Check out some of the outfits that people are seeing as “too much” that Ayanda wears and decide for yourself if indeed she is always too much with her outfits.It seems like Ayanda wants to shine wherever she is all the time as she uses every opportunity that she gets. Do you agree with fans that are saying Ayanda is becoming too much? Leave a comment and let us know. Don’t forget to also leave a like, share, and follow us for more daily entertainment news.

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