It ends in tears for those who looted a coffin. Nothing was safe from the looters. The dead and anything associated with them is usually respected, but not by these people who looted a coffin.

It ends in tears for those who looted a coffin

On Monday 19 July, police tweeted that police recovered a coffin in the Ezinqoleni area in KZN after they raided a house.

Residents could only look on in shock as the coffin was taken out of the home.

The recovery of the coffin shocked social media users who couldn’t believe anyone would loot a coffin.

It’s not yet clear why it was looted and for what it was going to be used for, or whether those who were found in possession of the coffin were arrested.

On Sunday 18 July, the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure, co-chaired by the National Defence Force, the police and the State Security Agency, encouraged those who had looted items to voluntarily return the goods or face possible arrest.

It said a total of 3 407 suspects had been arrested on various charges since the violence broke out over a week ago, with only one suspect being granted bail.

Cop spokeswoman Mathapelo Peters confirmed security forces had embarked on recovery operations with the collaboration of citizens who have gone out of their way to give tip-offs to the police.

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Peters applauded community members who had been cleaning up their streets and business premises affected by the looting in the past week.

“A warning has also been issued to those who were not part of the looting spree but are buying stolen property from the looters that they too will be arrested for being in possession of stolen property,” she said.

Meanwhile, in KZN, 92 suspects have been arrested over the weekend for being in possession of stolen property

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