It will end in tears for Grace Medupe, and she will have herself to blame.

It will end in tears for Grace Medupe

She never believed people when they tell her not to get married to Simo. She is ignorant, she told herself that people do not want her to be happy that was not the case. She could have looked at the facts and do her research about what people are telling her. She put her relationship first and forget about her family.

Romeo told her about Simo but instead she acted as if Romeo is wrong and he is the enemy. She disowned her own son just because of a man. Simo has been seeing Violetta and she does not know about it and ,even if someone tell her i doubt she will ever listen because she is blinded by fake love.

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She was not supposed to marry Romeo’s brother in the first place. Simo is her ex husband’s son. But she decided to marry him regardless of how others feel about it. Her son went missing she was too focused to find her son. On the other hand she will lose everything all in the name of love.

Recently Mlungisi saw Simo and Violetta together and he wants to tell Grace the whole truth. She will get hurt and she will be dissapointed for not listening to people when they were warning her against him.

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