It’s demonic: Watch as a Prophet details how he saw demons manufacturing the Umlando dance. The Umlando dance challenge broke the social media streets a few months ago. Toss introduced these smooth dance moves that ended in a challenge dominated mainly by men as a follow-up to his hit song Umlando. The hit song Umlando hits the clubs and social streets of Mzansi epically and uniquely.

It’s demonic: Watch as a Prophet details how he saw demons manufacturing the Umlando dance

Once Toss started the challenge, it went viral on social media, attracting boarders’ attention as both men and women took the challenge. Top musicians and actors like Maphorisa and Thando Thebethe joined the show as the challenge went viral. Arguably, Umlando has been the most viral challenge ever since Amapiano started.

Despite all the fun and enjoyment it brings, a South African prophet claims that the dance is demonic and that he saw it in hell. The controversial prophet said it is scary that Christians and their children are still following and dancing to the challenge.

The unidentified prophet shared with his congregants, warning them of the dangers music brings to their houses. The prophet said that one of the devil’s works is in the Umlando dance challenge. The man spoke of the dance routine, saying it is how demons dance in hell. He warned congregants that the dance is done by some of them and their children in colleges and clubs, thus bringing the devil into their homes.

The video brought so much division to TikTok and Twitter users once user Musa Khawula shared the controversial video. Some fans agreed with the prophet, citing the rate of its spread as a significant sign that demons are pushing it. On the other hand, most fans shunned the prophet labelling him a fake prophet who wanted to be relevant.

Watch prophet telling congregants that demons manufactured Umlando dance challenge.



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50 cent’s ex-fiance Ciara took the Umlando challenge.
It started in South Africa, but now the challenge is viral overseas. It came as a surprise to many as Ciara joined the show. Instead of following the routine shown by Toss, Ciara did her own thing leaving fans divided. Many fans in Mzansi said that Ciara did nothing special above the rest as they questioned if it was the umlando dance.

Watch Ciara’s Umlando dance challenge.


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