“It’s Heartbreaking To See MaYeni Crying”- Uthando Nes’thembu Viewers.Musa Mseleku’s second wife MaYeni has brought viewers to tears after crying on national TV following an emotional episode of Uthando Nes’thembu.

"It's Heartbreaking To See MaYeni Crying"- Uthando Nes'thembu Viewers

MaYeni is known for being reversed and for her no-nonsense attitude and she often expresses her desire to leave the marriage. In the latest episode of season 6 of Uthando Ne’sthembu, she shed tears after Mseleku dropped a bombshell.

Mseleku revealed she knew MaNgwabe before marrying her. “Another important thing here is that, it seems as though that MaNgwabe and MaYeni knew each other before I met her and I did not know. That hurt MaYeni deeply,” he said.

This did not sit well with MaYeni who was heartbroken. She said she did not want to continue with her diary session because there are things she cannot answer because they are personal.

Musa has also apologized to his wives. This follows after previously rubbing them the wrong way. Mseleku has been accused of being a narcissist and controlling after saying his wives should leave him if they do not want him to take a 5th wife “If they want to leave they can leave, I can soldier on. I did not find anyone single but he found them with men,” he said.








His statement left his wives seething and he has swallowed his pride and apologized.

Tweeps have reacted to the episode.



“Musa is rude, narcissist, manipulative and very arrogant. Then he’ll say the wives hate him. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Nonetheless, we love the show” wrote Tshegofatso




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“First episode and Musa Mseleku is already making me angry. It’s gonna be a very long season” wrote Tshegofatso

“Musa Mseleku has no heart. These women are crying and complaining and making valid points, as to why they don’t want Isthembu but Musa is busy forcing them. Haibo this man is a narcissist argh” wrote Tshegofatso

Viewers are still wondering if Mseleku will be taking in wife number 5, following his wives not jumping for joy at the idea. MaKhumalo has been very adamant that there won’t be wife number 5 after her.

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