I’ve tried all I could but I’m getting worse day by day, It’s the Smile that keeps me moving.

I’ve tried all I could but I’m getting worse day by day, It’s the Smile that keeps me moving

Pray before you read this article and trust In God that he will and he can make Impossible possible, we need to cry up on his holy name and also pray for healing In this Covid-19 we are tired of illnesses that troubling our lives

Beautiful woman who’s I’ll very bad, She stated that She tried everything but things ain’t going well on her side. Sometimes she even failed to look at herself the way her condition Is, She said at some point In her life she feels ok but on another day she feels so bad

Knowing that she’s living with protruding bones, this thing has been there for so long now. It consumed her heart up until she accepted the situation about her Condition and deeply In her heart she knows that she has no control over It.Truly speaking you have no control over your life, there are Unexpected Situations that comes In life and left you In pains that no one could able to see, It’s only you and your conscious knows the sorrow that engalfed your life.


In this situation we only need prayer, even though Doctors try something they may be In the guidance of heavenly Intervention only God who sees beyond our sorrows and the things that strikes to our lives. With Jesus In the Vessel we can smile at the storm.


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She managed to keep the smile on her face even though things ain’t going well on her side, women out there they’re so brave to face any challenges In life with hope that tomorrow It won’t be like yesterday

People on twitter reacted with bitter emotions when they come across with her pictures that she posted on twitter where she was wearing a beautiful smile In her storm of life that she’s facing. Where ever we are let us remember that we all need each other In this world. No matter what smile sometimes keeps us moving In the difficulties

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