Joslin Smith’s mom slams claims she sold child for R10k – Video.  Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, has rubbished her sister’s claims she sold the little girl for R10 000. The allegations were made in a Facebook Live facilitated by Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie.

Joslin Smith’s mom slams claims she sold child for R10k - Video

Kelly and her partner Jacquin Appollis have faced public speculation of their involvement in Joslin’s disappearance from their home near Saldanha Bay on Monday, 19 February. They also claim that their lives are in danger.

Gayton has since offered to pay for a lie detector test for the couple to “prove their innocence.” He has also offered a R100 000 reward for information leading to Joslin’s return.


During the Facebook Live, Gayton McKenzie addressed allegations made by Kelly’s sister Mickeyla Daniels. According to Daniels – who is a police officer – Kelly confessed that someone was interested in buying Joslin Smith for R10 000.

Daniels told Gayton during the FB Live that Kelly had told her on a phone call: “My child is in the squatter camp. Someone wanted to buy her, but Saldanha was ‘too heated.’ Those were her exact words to me.

“I feel Kelly knows where he child is. Why is she not looking for her child with the community?”

Mickeyla claimed that her sister “changed her stories” thereafter.

Responding, Kelly told Gayton that she had shared with her sister that – as a mother – she believed her child was alive and perhaps in a squatter camp.

She added: “You are a liar and making me look bad for something I don’t know.”

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Meanwhile, Gayton McKenzie also questioned Kelly on speculation about her and her boyfriend’s drug use.

“Are you on tik? (crystal meth)”, the Patriotic Alliance leader asked the mom-of-three.

She responded: “At this moment, I’m clean. I did use Tik. I’ve been clean for a week, I’m honest”.

When asked if her boyfriend was abusing the drug in the home while Joslin Smith was present on the day she disappeared, Joslin responded: “I wasn’t at home, I don’t know. I can’t answer this question”.

“He [her boyfriend] has been clean for a week”.

Gayton has offered to pay for Kelly and her partner to attend a private rehabilitation centre.



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