Julius Malema: Ricky Rick could have spoken to us. EFF leader Julius Malema has spoken about the death of late rapper Riky Rick, saying the star should have spoken out.

Julius Malema: Ricky Rick could have spoken to us

The Boss Zonke hitmaker died on February 23.

Though his cause of death was not disclosed by his family, there was speculation on social media that the rapper took his own life.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, Malema said he preferred not to attend funerals of those who commit suicide, and encouraged those with mental health issues to speak to a professional.

“I believe that Ricky Rick could have spoken to us, because if we resort to that, then our children will no longer speak to us. We’ll just wake up in the morning [and they’d have] committed suicide. You must speak. We’ve been through a lot. Personally, myself, I have gone through a lot and I’ve never thought of suicide as a solution.” he said.

When mourning the death of the star in February, Malema took to his timeline, saying the nation failed to hear the rapper’s “loud whisper”.

“We love you my man; we did not listen to your loud whisper. We thought we still had time, and unfortunately, we are now too late to intervene.” he wrote.

In another tweet, Malema shared a tribute to close friends and family of the late star.




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“Please sleep, We are weak and defeated. We hope to wake up tomorrow feeling better than we are today. Let tomorrow be better for all of us, in particular, your immediate family and friends. I’m thinking of your wife, children and Uncle Vinny.”

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