Just in: Zuma WINS court appeal – he’ll be ‘out of jail’ for his trial next week. Jacob Zuma has found a bit of form in the courtroom, after his demands for an in-person trial were met. Msholozi will now be able to leave his jail cell.

Just in: Zuma WINS court appeal – he’ll be ‘out of jail’

It’s two in a row for Jacob Zuma and his legal team, after Msholozi successfully appealed to have his next court session made into an ‘in-person event’. This means the former president will temporarily leave jail to attend the special plea hearing, in which the defence will bid to have Advocate Billy Downer recused from the prosecution team.

This marks the second small victory the Zuma team has recorded in the last month after they also managed to get the Thales corruption trial pushed back by three weeks. The case will resume on Tuesday 10 August, and at uBaba’s request, this will take place inside the High Court of Pietermaritzburg.

Earlier this week, Jacob Zuma was said to be putting his foot down on conducting this trial virtually, with him attending from his prison cell. The defence argued that his need for an interpreter, and ability to consult with his legal team, may be impaired by an online hearing. Sure enough, Judge Piet Koen agreed with the application.

“The hearing of the plea set down for 10 August shall proceed in open court in Pietermaritzburg. COVID-19 regulations, particularly those regarding face masks, social distancing, and limits on who can attend, must be adhered to.”

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Naturally, the Zuma camp is cock-a-hoop with the decision. They published a statement via the JGZ Foundation, claiming that a ‘victory for the Constitution’ had been secured. Not bad to say the ‘courts are captured‘, hey?

“Victory to the Constitution. Thank you to the Legal Team. Tuesday 10 August in Pietermaritzburg will be OPEN Court as per the submission of our capable legal team. Now Mr. Downer will be processed properly, Advocate Mpofu can’t wait.”

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