Kabza Appreciates Mum For Hustling With Him. Kabelo Motha, famously known as Kabza De Small has owed his success not only to his hard work but to his loving mother. He has shown his appreciation to his mother who helped him become the star he is today.

Kabza Appreciates Mum For Hustling With Him

In a before and after post, Kabza shared an image of he and his mother selling his very first album on the side of the road. He then switches it up to now where is successful, driving expensive cars, living in an expensive abode.

“The struggle was real, ‘no matter what, the victory is certain and she will gain all the glory’, mama,” he captioned his post.

“let’s thank your mom for believing in you…look at you now making her proud.

“You really made it man.

“You both come very far, must take care of her.

“mothers see the success way before you even realize you in the path for greatness, bless up to all the mothers out.


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“I just want to say God bless all the best mothers out there who believe in their kids hustle and support each and everything they do to build their lives, God will always bless you mom because she believed in you from day one. @thekingofamapiano We salute You Queen abuti.”


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Kabza is know for being one of the pioneers of the biggest genre in the country at the moment, Amapiano. The genre started becoming very big in the years 2018 but Kabza was recognised for working on it in the late 2010’s.

Together with his mentor and friend, Maphorisa, they created a successful genre which is slowly making it’s way into the international scenes, and we are here for it.

Maphorisa recently said in an interview that he chose to work with Kabza because of the mind blowing talent he has. Phori then admitted to learning a lot from Kabza, hence their growth.

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He blew my mind with his songs, I started listening to his mixes and I said ‘yoh’ this guy created his own world. I wanted to learn a lot about this Amapiano thing so I started going to his parties. I didn’t want my own experience to mess up the whole Piano genre.”

With the emergence of many other great Amapiano DJ’s, Mzansi reckons the genre is Grammy worthy as certain songs are just that good. Even big names such as Puff Daddy, Swizz Beats and his wife Alicia Keys jam to the genre.

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