Katlego Maboe’s Wife Monique Muller Compromising Pics Go Viral.

Katlego Maboe’s Wife Monique Muller Compromising Pics Go Viral

Opinion – I refuse to accept that Katlego Maboe deserves all the criticism and resultant consequences that has befallen him without looking at the bitchy behaviour manifested by her enstranged lover who used their daughter to fight her battle.

Muller can be heard in the viral confession video threatening to cut Katlego out of his daughter’s life if he doesn’t confess. That is blackmail which many men are subjected to in our country by ‘mothers’ fighting to protect their own interests.

If things don’t go their way, this type of mothers will definitely cut you off from your child’s life.

Muller unfairly brought a mother to a wife’s fight. Get this right – being cheated on threatens your wifehood because it means you may lose your husband to the mistress. It does not mean that you lose your motherhood or the father should lose his fatherhood.

Even in a court of law, you cannot deny a father custody or access to his child because he cheated on you.

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On social media, where the story is still a burning issue, one user wrote “Kids become fatherless only when the father doesn’t see the need to fight for and it’s just not worth it to him. No woman has the right to keep you from your child, if she does, take her to court and fight for your kids.”

Sadly, we do have men who are too proud to admit wrongdoing and try to resolve issues with their women and they end up ‘being cut off their children’s life’.


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