Kelly Khumalo has gone too far see how she insulted Makhadzi. What else has Kelly Khumalo not faced in terms of all the criticism and condemnation she has been through. It seems that everything she does is met with such harsh negative outcries.

Kelly Khumalo has gone too far see how she insulted Makhadzi

It was just a regular post on social media and if it was someone else other than Kelly this would have been nothing significant. Since it’s her, some people then took advantage of the situation to throw stones at her while linking up the post to the unfortunate passing away of Senzo Meyiwa.

Others allege that she had a hand in the death of the father of her child and it’s such claims with no evidence that people should look at themselves on the mirror before saying incriminating things to someone not proven guilty by the law. When will she get a break, one would wonder as people take every opportunity to say whatever they want to her.

There was a mere distasteful claim by one social media account who said some despicable stuff. The post went, “Salon sase Mnambithi bayakhala ngazo bathi ukhomba mina bakwenze uMakhandzi.” In translation this says that, “people complain in Mnambithi about salons , you point at my picture and come out looking like Makhadzi.”

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Seems from all angles that it’s an impersonation of Kelly Khumalo because how could she have said such a thing about Makhadzi as this would lead to a fight of some sort or create hate. Why would this person do this and cause tension between the two stars?

We don’t know the answer, but it’s clear that Kelly has been subject to many bad things.

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