Kelly Khumalo Publicly Announces Herself As King Misuzulu’s Wife. One might say that because of how beautiful these women are, it was probably a bit difficult for King Misuzulu to find a woman who is worthy to be on his side.

Kelly Khumalo Publicly Announces Herself As King Misuzulu’s Wife

Ever since King Misuzulu became the King, there have been quite a lot of women who have been shooting their shots.

That is something expected, one might say and there are probably a lot of people who would like to know just how the process of choosing a wife goes.

But, it seems like that might not happen, some things are very confidential, the public only gets informed about certain things when it is necessary to do so. The waiting has begun and a lot of people are eager to know who this lucky woman is.

During some talks about this, Kelly Khumalo went to Instagram and revealed that she is the wife of King Misuzulu, on the caption, she wrote “Umka MisuZulu” which translates to “Wife of MisuZulu”.

And as always, she was looking beautiful, but some people might decide to focus on the “wife”, is that causing any confusion.


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Maybe we would easily know if there was some new information regarding the wedding, however, what we know is that Kelly Khumalo’s best friend Wanda Baloyi will be the one who plans King Misuzulu’s much anticipated wedding.

Maybe this is even how Kelly got to know more about the King, as for the caption, it is clear that she was just joking. Even in the video that she made where she mentions that her friend is planning a Royal wedding, she referred to herself as “Ndlunkulu”.

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First wives of Kings are usually called that and Kelly is just having fun and running with the joke, hopefully, she will not be dragged for that.


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We know how some people feel about Kelly, they might start making a big deal out of nothing. What matters there is how beautiful she looked on the picture, she was just beautiful, the outfit looked perfectly good on her.

This is one thing that we cannot deny and because Kelly is mentioning this thing about being the King’s wife, maybe she wants to get married, who knows?

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